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Training improves profits

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Educational materials and current market data

Of course, you want to maximize any losses but gains. Put & call options on the off chance of making but not good traders. Most online brokers offer their traders to learning materials on strategies, market analysis and financial market data of varying quality. Take advantage of these training opportunities, many are clearly offered in webinars, videos and slides as well as e-books, some good, some less.


The Trading with Binary Options

– Practice with the demo account

If you are among the people who read reluctant instructions for use, but something in the same operation and prefer to accept, perhaps to make mistakes during the operation, set this behavior in favor of their trading success from the case of binary options. Best Binary Option Brokers like Banc de Binary online broker offer a demo account, some in good virtual simulation and “real money play”. Familiarize yourself with the Charter overviews, try different tools and watch your demo trades. So you are familiar with the real live trades already with the functions and views that make false entries and are not distracted.


Go confidently with your inserts to

Some online brokers offer minimum stakes already starting from 1 EUR. If you can achieve a yield of 70, 80 or even 90% with a profit, so have none 2 EUR Settlement from this trade. This is perhaps initially no great motivation, but protects you against unmanageable, heavy losses.

A minimum stake of 25 EUR may indeed bring you a handsome profit, but they can also lose EUR 25 with only one false Put & Call-click. With a credit of 250 EUR adopted this can therefore be quickly depleted. Make sure you check realistically, how much you can get over the loss event and look after this criterion their matching online brokers made. Trading binary options, you should not drive into financial ruin, but it is intended to be fun, to be realized by your knowledge of the market and correct trend forecasts a profit.

Risk minimization – How they can protect themselves against losses

Up to 60% loss protection

Unfortunately, not all brokers offer a hedging loss for the trades to minimize risk. Maximum amounts to this about 60%, but there are also vendors with only up to 20% loss protection or none at all. The loss protection must be entered or selected in the relevant Trade. Accordingly, the potential profit is reduced. At higher minimum stakes such as 25 EUR this is a useful feature especially for the beginner. Strictly speaking, the loss protection is thus nothing more than a manual reduction of potential gain and loss in the same proportion. This form of risk minimization so at the expense of potential profits and reduces the amount of loss.


Stop Loss -Take Profit

Another form of risk mitigation is the Stop Loss and Take Profit function, but requires a more detailed input. Some brokers offer this still new way to now. It recommends, for example, be for currency pairs with decreasing rate against the value faced, so even at short trade durations.


The Stop Loss function requires you to enter a value which is to limit the loss. With a stake of 100 EUR and the indication to accept a loss of more than 20%, we are the value at EUR 80 on, when reaching the Trade is closed, a higher loss is then no longer possible.

When Take Profit function of the trader enters a value, the premature termination before the selected expiration time generated when reaching. With a minimum bet of 100 euros and a yield of 90% at the end of the regular expiration time therefore, an amount of EUR 190 in the case of winning would be due. If the value of Take Profit with a Take Profit at 180 EUR entered before the price falls further, the Trade when reaching exits.

Strategies for Binary Options Trading

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Strategies to binary options trading are hard to find. It is also not so easy to develop its own strategy; Good systems are often born after long studies dedicated and active trading. The strategies shown in this paper have been treated in Forex forums and derived for the binary options trading and adjusted, although we recommend you reading reviews of Top Binary Robots for better choosing.

The strategies are divided into three groups:

  1. Basic strategies
  2. Simple Strategies
  3. Complex Strategies

Dealers can learn these strategies and experimenting to create ultimately own finely tuned trading systems.


Each dealer has its own trade, customs, deadlines, risk, comfort etc… Therefore, some indicators and rules for the dealer are a potentially useful and for the other traders may not, even if both had the same goal – profit – track.

  1. Basic strategies

Basic strategies use simple chart pattern with one or two basic indicators. By learning novices will recognize simple trade flows and make smooth transition to advanced systems and methods.

We start with simple strategies that identify the help beginners trading signals.

1.1. The crossing of three moving averages

Chart: 5 minutes and longer

Indicators: 7 SMA, 14 SMA, 21 SMA


Trading signals

– CALL Position: after the 7 SMA has the 14 SMA and the 21 SMA crosses.

– PUT-position: after the 7 SMA has the 14 SMA and the 21 SMA crosses under.

Recommended duration: three to five candles periods.

  1. Simple Strategies

Simple trading systems are well qualified for beginners. Either way, in order to preserve the consistency of the learning progress, these strategies should not be skipped. Advanced strategies were all just at some point, and were later refined by the dealers. So learning the basic ideas behind the simple strategies in the long run will help in making decisions of their own strategy.

Forex-trading-platforms12.1. A balanced system

This trading system is a well thought out and very simple combination of indicators.

Timeframe: Each

Indicators: 5 EMA, 10 EMA, Full Stochastic (14, 3, 3), RSI (14).


– CALL position: when 5 EMA has the 10 EMA crosses, stochastic still in overbought territory (over 80) and the RSI is rising but Over50.

– PUT position: when 5 EMA has the 10 EMA crossed below, Stochastic decreasing but not yet in oversold territory (below 20) and the RSI is below 50.

Recommended duration: about three to five candles periods.

  1. Complex Strategies

The study of these strategies should be a good basis for the dealer to explore something new and to improve their own trading systems and techniques. The fact is that complex strategies are sometimes unnecessarily. Here we have a new level of strategies: You can either facilitate a responsive system or simply take some useful information for yourself.

3.1 Fibonacci retracement

Chart: all time frames up to four hours

Indicator: 5 WMA (weighted average)


Rules on a downward trend

Once in a downtrend took place a reversal, pulling the Fibonacci from the recent high to the low of the downward wave. Once established, it is now to be seen following the retracement and observe.

During the retracement there are to take into account two conditions:

– The price must touch at least the 0.382 Fibonacci retracement level; i.e. price developments must be at least 38% of the difference between high and low of the previous wave have laid back upwards.

– The 0.618 Fibonacci retracement level must not be broken.

If both criteria are met, a PUT position is set once the candle has closed significantly below 5 WMA.

Duration: about 5 candles periods. In an uptrend, the abovementioned rules apply vertically reversed.


What are Binary Options and how they work? PT 2

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Binary Options Trading Strategies: A Brief Introduction

Traders who trade binary options can generate considerable revenues in both rising and falling price developments if the expiry time the appropriate result occurs. But the binary options trading still seems so simple – it is still possible with the help of trading strategies to make the personal trading even more targeted and more effective. With the help of Binary Option Robots, you can understand the basic principles and later implement some of the knowledge you acquired via use of robots.

Trend-following strategy

The trend-following strategy assumes that the probability that a certain distance or upward trend continues, is higher than the likelihood of reversing this trend. So the trader is no longer to observe as the price of the underlying and to open a position at an increasing rate with a call option and a share price drop with a put option.


Volatility Strategy

Not always, however, can easily identify trends and they do not always show up clearly. Strong exchange rate and price fluctuations make it sometimes difficult to identify a specific trend. This is where the volatility strategy with which the trader can take advantage of this great rate fluctuations. Whether this develop the courses in the one direction or another, does not matter. With this strategy, it is important to keep in mind the economic news.

Hedging strategy

When hedging strategy binary options are used to hedge forex positions against a loss. However, not only currency positions are hedged in the short term with a Forex broker, but also equity positions with binary options. The technical term for this is hedging. Who wants to know more about hedging, can continue in our guide.

To successfully trade binary options, it’s important to always strategically proceed. Although the binary options trading is not complicated further, effective trading strategies can help systematically build a solid base for trading with binary options. Without a trading underlying strategy is crowned successful trading is usually not of success.


What are Binary Options?

What to consider when trading binary options

As with other commercial products also, it is also important in the binary options trading, to inform themselves extensively and in detail before the first trade. Responsible broker and respective trading portals share their knowledge gladly with their potential investors. In addition, traders should call again and again to remind you that it is in the binary options trading to a high-risk financial transaction. Although the loss is limited to use – but it is also here the risk of total loss. Opportunities and risks are always rational weigh.

The binary options trading is always a strategy must be used. Emotions here are bad advisers.


Who has never traded binary options, without risk should try with a free demo account the respective trading platform and trading opportunities. In our demo account testing we present some providers.

When choosing a binary options broker, make sure that it much more transparent about its regulation, deposit guarantees, minimum deposit, order fees, spreads informed. The offer of a free demo account also represents an indication of a reputable broker.

  • Broker offering a loss protection are preferable to other brokers.
  • Especially newcomers should never invest more than two to five percent of their trading capital per trade.
  • Risk management tools, such stops are to be used in order to limit losses.
  • Market analysis tools that offer a broker should also be used.
  • Only actually standing available capital should be used for trading binary options.

In order to trade binary options, it is recommended for beginners essential to observe some basic things before he sets the first trade. Above all, he should be informed sufficiently and always employ only a small fraction of its existing capital. Opportunities and risks are always rational estimate. Furthermore, an action should always be a strategy underlying.

Click here to learn more about binary options

What are Binary Options and how they work? PT 1

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What are Binary Options and how they work? PT 1
  1. How do binary options work?

The term “binary” already signaled the simple operating principle of these trading instruments. An option can only assume 2 states, namely – in the money – and – out of the money – similar to the digital states “1” and “0”. It only comes out on whether the option is at the end of the option period (expiration date) in cash or not.

If the dealer from rising prices, so he buys a call option. With put options will be set accordingly on falling prices. For the successful completion of a trade, the price therefore higher (call option) or deeper (put option) must make a note as to the entry point at the end of the term. The trader shall, in binary options trading so only one direction decision regarding the performance of a particular asset. This so-called underlying asset acts as the binary option. In the graph, the Forex currency pair EUR / USD is the base value of the option.


When will there on my maturity profits? Illustrated the principle of the Call & Put graphically

The price of the underlying at the end of the option period is therefore crucial in determining whether the trader earns money. If the trader correct in his assessment of the market, so the option is at the end of the term – in the money – and a pre-defined return is paid by the broker. This is the classic trade depending on the provider usually between 65% and 85% of the stake. In case of loss, many providers offer a refund of up to 15% as a hedge. The binary options trading is usually possible since operations from 10 to 25 euros per trade. A detailed overview of the minimum trading totals and repayment rates can be found in the broker comparison.

To use binary options, is basically easy to understand. The trader is not an asset, but the corresponding price development of this Underlying. Here, the trader decides whether to accept a call option with a rising or a put option a falling price of the underlying. Is it really the end of the option term, as he scored the respective income?


  1. High returns and calculated risk

The risk is always limited when trading binary options on the selected application. What matters is the current price at the expiration date of the option. This limited and calculable risk is a big advantage of binary options by the experiences of many traders. The attractive yields of up to 85% (in particular trading style even more 100%!) Can this be achieved within a short time? Any further commercial species are the Trader also available, the profits can even achieve up to 500 percent. Binary options traders with terms of days, weeks, a month or even any one year. But aggressive traders have the opportunity to act with only 60-second lead times. The broker 24option admits its traders even the 30-second commercial.


Forecasting Market Trends

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Forecasting Market Trends

Every investor wants to predict the movement of markets and increase profits. The price development is hard to predict, so professional traders want to correctly interpret patterns in graphs and causes of price changes – this can be found in almost every description of binary option robot. As there is no sure way to predict price movements in the market, traders along your intuition and rely on technical and fundamental analysis. The fundamental analysis to study the causes of price changes, and its basic principle is that the factors that influence the supply reduction and demand growth contributes to increased prices, while factors affecting the increase in supply and demand reduction contribute to the decline in prices. Fundamental analysis of long-term character. Technical analysis is short-lived and is based on the idea that previous patterns shown in graphs can reveal how the price movements occur in the future.


Overcoming technical and fundamental analysis requires considerable investment of time by all of us today are chronically lacking. Inexperienced traders takes a long time to overcome the abilities needed for understanding the above studies, and more essentially, for their proper use. Therefore, aid in the form of binary options trader signals can serve as a useful way to increase profits while he himself occupied with learning how to become a successful trader, and trade binary options as a professional. Of course, the signals of binary options, except beginners, can be of great help and experienced traders, because they allow them to look at other aspects of the market while they trade independently.

As already stated, the purpose of the signal binary options traders to increase profits, and that it still ways you can increase we wrote in the article Binary options – earnings.

Delivery binary options signals

Stock market graphs.Text signals can be easily copied to the trading system, with subsequent investments in option. If you trade on-line trading platform, just click a button and the system will invest in the option. When signals are binary options directly involved in the trading system, such a system is called automatic. About automatic systems for trading we covered here. Useful information for traders is that they do not have to manually invest in options, but if you opt for this option, the system automatically trades for them. This means that the signals of binary options included in the trading platform. The advantage of such systems is in the speed of trading, to obtain the recommended signals and investment in the option takes only a few seconds.

Types of signals binary options

Binary signals are related to the investment class for Trading (currency pairs, commodities, indices and stocks). When trading binary options, it is advisable to opt for those signals that are associated with an investment class that you want to trade. For example, if you want to trade stocks, select Apple, Microsoft or Pepsi shares can be called the most appropriate choice.


There are two main types of signals, so-called. Push Act and signals. Push signals actually mean that after receiving the signals necessary to immediately invest in the option as quickly running out. On the other hand, with other options signals, such as those offered by Binary Option Robot and who are free traders should wait until the price reaches the level required for trading, then only invest in option by acting according to directions obtained. Both types of signals have their drawbacks. When Push signal the biggest drawback is that traders must constantly follow the recommendations to the time invested in the option, while in Act signals need only keep track of when the price will reach a certain level. Constant monitoring of price movements can present challenges with regard to investment opportunities in the option loses if you accidentally miss a moment in which the indicated price reached the level required for trading.